Artist: Various Artists
Title: Frogology
Label: Frogadelic Records

Total Playing Time: 79m46s
Catalogue Number: FROG01CD
Format: Digipack, Digital

Mastering: Cass @ Wired Masters
Release Date: September 26th 2009

1. OOOD - Frogology (8m56s)
2. Flip Flop & Tron - Material World (8m35s)
3. AMD - Roadshow (7m46s)
4. Braincell - The Big Trick (7m43s)
5. Fearsome Engine - Frog Addict (7m44s)
6. Rastaliens & Virtual Light - What Really Happened (6m52s)
7. Archaic - Soothsayer (6m27s)
8. E.V.P - TOF-U (7m18s)
9. Subliminal System - Malevolent Intent (9m49s)
10. Scorb - It's About Time (Frog Remix) (8m14s)

On our 9th Birthday Tribe of Frog is proud to announce the birth of Frogadelic Records and our debut psytrance release 'Frogology'. 'Frogology' is a collection of 10 scintillating exclusive tracks by some of the froggies favourite artists that have performed at the infamous Tribe of Frog parties. Featuring artists such as Fearsome Engine, OOOD & Scorb that have written tracks specifically for this special compilation. A frog approved quality cluster of funky, psychedelic, main room mammoths and electro wolloped psytrance that encapsulates some of the amazing energy that you will find at a ToF party.

Love & ribbits to everyone that has laughed, danced and partied with us over the last 9 years. Your support and part in the magical frog adventure has been essential. Thank you! x x x

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